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The company was founded in 1964, at the beginning of the frozen fish in Spain, which formed part of the fishing strategy of the Ojeda family Group with investments inthrough the national geography (Asturias, Galicias, the Canarian Islands, Andalusia and the Basque Country) to over sea investments, such as in Namibia, South Africa and in the Falkland Islands.
The inicial freezing activity was consolidated with the acess to distant fishing grounds, as well as the creation of new partnerships and other forms of associations (Joint Ventures), which led to the consolidation of freezing activity on land (factories and cold stores) and in vessels (new constructions).
During this period of industrial expansion, until today, Copemar has expanded its fishing activity in such areas as the Southwest Atlantic (Namibia and South Africa) and Southeast (Falklands Islands), areas near the Antarctica, South Georgia, Indian Ocean, (Mozambique) and areas of the Northwest Atlantic (Canada and the USA), and the Caribbean Sea, (Mexico), through the creation of joint ventures.
At the same time, they built and modernized more efficient units from the extractive and technological point of view in the mode of trawling, adapted to the natural environment that facilitated the investments in the mode of long line in order to access the protected fishing areas, such as pre-antarctic fishing grounds, in the deep sea for the Patagonian Toothfish fishery.
At this moment, the strategy focuses on stregthening the existing agreements for its temporary developments, as well as on studies and implementation of new investments in productive assets, for the expansion of activity in fishing areas in the exploitation of Hake, Squid and Illex, as well as the development of new collaboration projects in the commercial and processing areas in the search of new markets.


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⊕ Baffin Bay ⊕


Type: Trawler
Breadth: 13 m.
Total lenght: 68,20 m
Lenght between perpendiculars: PP: 60,80 m
Depth to main deck: 5,5 m.
Depth to upper deck: 8 m.
Hold capacity: 1.645 m3
Mainly fishes: Patagonic Squid
(Loligo patagonico)

⊕ Pemba Bay ⊕

Pemba Bay 4

Type: Trawler
Breadth: 11 m.
Total lenght: 48 m.
Lenght between perpendiculars: 44,3 m.
Depth to main deck: 4,5 m.
Depth to upper deck: 7 m
Hold capacity: 720 m3
Mainly fishes: Hake
(Merluccius capensis)



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